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Change in Business Travellers Demands/Profile

How did Business Travellers demands/profiles change post-COVID?

Covid-19 emerged as one of the worst global crises that put all activities on hold and the economies of many countries took the brunt of Business Travellers.

The pandemic took a colossal toll on human beings and economic activity! The direct hit was taken by Travel, Business Travellers Hospitality and tourism industry and the ancillaries associated with this segment.

As per United Nations World Tourism Organisation data – 100% of the popular global destinations had announced travel restrictions.
Though, with the improvement in the situation and people leaning towards travel again, a window of opportunity opened that is letting the light in and giving us the optimism to say that this industry is bouncing back slowly and steadily.

Covid’s impact has changed the dynamics of the travel business/industry with visible changes in Business Travellers profiles and in the case of business travel the focus has moved to ensure that business travel is safe, sustainable and justifiable. Various organisations understand the impact of the threat to travellers health and safety and have put processes to ensure that these road warriors now have a choice when it comes to travelling safely.

To know more about it, let’s look at a few details!

Current Scenario

Corporate travel is showcasing green shoots post-pandemic. Though, people are becoming more conscious when it comes to travelling. The biggest change in their perspective occurred in a way that they only took travel decisions when there is an actual need for travelling, this is especially the case of corporate travel. With the change in perspectives on corporate travel, some companies are still finding it hard to ask employees to take work trips especially when conferences and trade shows are being conducted online. So, they are trying not to force employees to travel on trips.

The year 2022 saw business travel almost at the same levels as pre-covid for many countries in the West. This momentum continues for countries in Asia too as Covid relaxation was introduced by one of the biggest markets in Asia Pacific, China. China has opened its door to travel once again.

Additionally, travel behaviour is seeing some significant changes post-pandemic. Let’s have a closer look at some of these changes:

Revenge Travel

During the Pandemic, people were not allowed to travel because of travel restrictions globally. But now, with the lifting of certain restrictions, people want to travel once more. Despite high flight prices, the number of travellers is surging. This is called revenge travel.

Travel Habits are Changing.

Consumers are ready to begin their travel and explore new places again. The pent-up demand for leisure travel is still stronger in Asian markets than in business travel.

What truly differentiates today’s travellers is the fact that they are searching more online while booking flights or hotels especially because of safety reasons. However, as the Covid restrictions were changing by the day, the business moved back to Travel Companies and Offline fulfilment as people were more comfortable dealing with a qualified travel counsellor and contacting him/her in case of any last-minute travel problems. This placed great demand for skilled manpower and operations of business travel agents in the US.

“Work from Anywhere” is changing the duration of travel

There are still companies that are fully functioning remotely by allowing employees to work from anywhere. Because of the ‘work from anywhere’ scenario, there is a significant increase in extended stays. Hence, hotel stays have also increased in terms of travel. Occupancy levels have increased for most of the business hotels and properties that offered staycation options for business travellers.

Planning trips more thoroughly than Before

After the Pandemic people are more conscious to plan their trips than they were before the pandemic. From flight prices to accommodations to travel places, they search for everything and plan everything in advance so that they can have safe and convenient travel.

Final Words

Travelling is a common passion for people, be it for business or leisure. Though, in the downturn, the volumes of travel might have dipped, it is still learning for all of us.

Travel behaviours or perspectives on travel have taken a drastic shift. from becoming more aware to becoming conscious of travel decisions, travellers have changed a lot in terms of travel behaviour. But reports from all those involved in the eco-system of the travel industry are very optimistic and corporate travel is showing strong returns and the future looks bright!

Companies that have been flexible and mixed high tech with high touch have survived well. Primetravels.us has shown great resilience and continued to deliver business travel services in North America as well as to European and Asia Pacific customers.

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