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Why use a Designated business Travel Agency for Corporate Travel

Why hire a designated US business travel agency or TMC to manage all your corporate travel?

“Complicated” is what most people think about US business travel Agency management!

Getting business travel management companies (TMC) to manage a successful US business travel Agency program is easier than ever before! From planning your corporate travel as per the scope of work to executing them efficiently and then offering support pre/post & during the trip, business TMCs are all about offering premium services.

Well, this word accounts for some of the most obvious reasons. From booking flights to accommodation arrangements to ensuring that the travel policies of the client are complied with, then ensuring employee safety, tracking, re-shopping once PNR is made, etc, there would be an endless list of things to keep one on your toes.

This may also be termed as “pure drudgery” which can be a shame to think especially when business travel contributes a lot to the growth of the business entity and the majority of the time work trips are highly productive and fun too for the employees.

Why is managing corporate travel such a big chore? What can we do to neatly fix this issue? What all needs to be done to convert “business travel” into “opportunity travel”?

In the realm, where corporate travel is a trillion-dollar industry, getting the best-in-class business travel management services would never be a bad idea. From arranging, monitoring, and tracking employee travel for companies following the budget travel guidelines to keeping a check on your spending, a designated travel company covers the knits and grits of your business travel as per your corporate travel policy.

Though, if you are on the spree to discover more of this less-tapped field, read this blog post to fill your knowledge bank.

Travel Management Companies – Post Covid scenario

The power of Business travel can’t be underestimated!

A report on Forbes mentioned that $12.50 dollars of additional revenue are spent for each dollar invested in corporate travel. (Source Forbes Dec 2021). Though, another report by the same magazine suggested that the corporate travel industry will be empowered with more independent choices in the year 2023.

 However, these figures are not easy to get. A current lot of business travelers demand easy booking and better travel options. Simultaneously, companies too want to reduce their cost and up their ROI of business travel. During Covid period and now post-Covid, the dependence on a human interface for all international trips, and in some large countries, even domestic trips need compliance with health and Covid protocols in an ever-changing environment.

The focus to some extent has changed from Self Booking Tool to a fully managed service by qualified travel professionals. Hence, getting the best-in-class business travel agency services would help you achieve this goal in the best possible way.

Though, while talking about travel agents for business purposes, some people may give a blank look while others may think of him exactly like a leisure travel agent. There can be some fine lines of differences between them.

A typical leisure travel agent’s basic work profile is much different than that of business travel as there is a lot of flexibility on travel dates or budgets. The leisure travel agent may liaise with various ground handlers, and hoteliers based on the client’s interest, sightseeing options, and so on, and may arrange the entire travel himself or via 3rd party operator. On the other hand, the designated business travel agencies of corporations offer a myriad of services ranging from, booking economical flights to hotel bookings, service apartments, visas, ensuring Covid and health compliance on travel, employee tracking, etc to effectively offer cost-efficient services.

Why hire the services of a business travel management company?

The myth: Managing a business trip is a piece of cake! The truth: It needs an army of professionals to efficiently manage a single business trip!

With the presence of multiple self-booking tools and other aids for booking business flights, one might wonder why the business community still needs to hire the services of a business travel agency. For a small size company, maybe sourcing it at random from the cheapest option might work, but if you are fairly large-sized and have processes and compliances in place – a business travel agency may actually bring in more intangible benefits than just sourcing air tickets or hotel room costs.

Depending on the organization’s goal and corporate travel policy – you may tie up with a business travel agency as per your requirements in terms of locations, cost-effectiveness, global presence, etc.

Cost Savings

One of the major key points every company considers while planning business travel! There will be no brownie points given for guessing that business travel involves a lot of costs. Companies are always looking for travel agencies that can help them by arranging and managing business travel with the lowest logical tariffs and sharp inventory as per desired itinerary.

Managing a trip

The role of a business travel agency is not only limited to booking flights and hotels. Once the bookings are made, plans can be frequently changed. Sometimes, in the blink of an eye. Here, your US business travel agency partner plays the part of a savior. From adapting to managing changes to processing ticket reissues, schedule changes, and new itineraries, to submitting refunds to further checking flights even after office hours, they perform all their supporting roles.

Efficient business travel processing

Time not only saves money. It saves effort and priorities too!

When you are taking corporate travel management services, you are giving the workload to a professional partner with the responsibility of planning your business travel on your part. Your designated business travel agency partner will now play your part in planning the business trip. This is not only going to save you money or effort but will also reduce the chances of mistakes that you may commit while booking flights and other services.

Travelers Safety

Safety factors can never be understated while planning a business tour!

For any corporation, employee safety is paramount whether the employee business travel is being arranged in-house or being outsourced to a business travel agency partner, hence giving this responsibility to a designated business travel management partner like Prime Air Global Corp will help you to minimize errors when doing these processes in-house.

Employee Safety cannot be overlooked at the expense of cost savings, and a partner with a global presence, 24×7 after-office support, and an understanding of regional and international requirements are critical when deciding on a travel partner for any corporate.

Trusted partner in your Business Travel fulfillment

Not every travel agency is a trusted one. When you are planning a business trip, you always want to rely on a corporate business travel management company that is well established and in business, offers a range of services that meet your travel procurement objectives on local/regional or global level.www.primetravels.us could be your ideal partner due to its best-in-class business travel management services and professional approach with global locations.

Employees Retention for Corporates

Business trips can be hectic or tiring. This can take up a lot of your energy. The whole day of meetings and presentations can make you feel even more tired. The right business travel management company can ensure that business trips are planned systematically, and efficiently and using the right type of properties for accommodation or airlines for travel – thus keeping your Road Warriors happy doing the job they are meant to do in an efficient way.

When taking the services of a business travel agency, you are ensured of a structured process at every stage. You are involved at every step, from trip planning to trip management to better execution.

Post-travel support

The role of a US business travel agency continues even after the business trip ends. In most instances, travelers need to submit the traveling expenses claim to their employer alongside the invoices. While most corporates do use Expense Management Tool, some of the smaller ones can bank upon their business travel partner should the employee have overlooked any important invoices that are under their scope of work.

Final Words

This quick read has given you a snapshot into the role of business travel management! Let a professional US Business travel agency manage your corporate travel efficiently with 24×7 support to locations across the globe. You may want to reach out to www.primetravels.us to explore how they are bringing in global fulfillment on their shared services platform for business travel.

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