Navigating the New Normal: Business Travel Tips for Today’s Global Nomads

In the ever-evolving landscape of business travel Tip, adapting to the new normal is essential for globetrotting professionals. As the world gradually reopens its doors post-pandemic, here are some key insights and tips that resonate with all travelers, ensuring a seamless and successful journey. Tech is Your Travel Companion In the age of digital connectivity, … Read more

Why the adoption rate of Travel Technology and Self-Booking Tools

Successes and Lessons Learned, travel technology

Why the adoption rate of Travel Technology and Self-Booking Tools Among Indian Corporations is low? India’s status as an Information Technology (IT) superpower is well-established, with its IT industry and Travel Technology serving global customers and contributing significantly to the country’s economic growth. However, when it comes to the adoption of travel technology and self-booking … Read more

Why has Europe seen surge of Strikes from players effecting travel industry in past 12 months

Why has Europe seen surge of Strikes from players

Europe seen surge of Strikes has long been celebrated for its efficient and extensive transportation networks, with its airlines and railways playing pivotal roles in connecting people and goods across the continent. However, the year 2023 has witnessed an unprecedented surge in strikes by airline and railway staff across the continent, disrupting travel plans and … Read more

Benefits of working with a US based Business Travel Agency

United Business Travel Airlines Booking - primetravels

Benefits of Working with a US Business Travel Agency In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, business travel is an essential part of doing business. Small & large companies often have employees traveling to different parts of the world to meet clients, attend conferences, or explore new markets. However, managing business travel can be a complex … Read more

Change in Business Travellers Demands/Profile

Business Travellers profiles

How did Business Travellers demands/profiles change post-COVID? Covid-19 emerged as one of the worst global crises that put all activities on hold and the economies of many countries took the brunt of Business Travellers. The pandemic took a colossal toll on human beings and economic activity! The direct hit was taken by Travel, Business Travellers … Read more

Business Travel in 2023

Business travel in 2023

Business Travel is back in spite of the “Work from Home culture” Business travel is back; with slow return while travel restrictions abate! The past few years of COVID-19 were daunting with the complex prognosis of international travel. Though, the tables are turning in the current scenario, with business travel seeing encouraging improvements. Various recent … Read more

Why use a Designated business Travel Agency for Corporate Travel

Why use a designated business travel agency for corporate travel

Why hire a designated US business travel agency or TMC to manage all your corporate travel? “Complicated” is what most people think about US business travel Agency management! Getting business travel management companies (TMC) to manage a successful US business travel Agency program is easier than ever before! From planning your corporate travel as per … Read more

Run an efficient Corporate Travel Program for your organization

Run an efficient Corporate Travel Program

How to have an efficient Corporate Travel program for your company Business travel management and Corporate Travel Program in the US or any country can be a complex and time-consuming process, especially for those unfamiliar with the processes involved. However, corporate travel agents in America are equipped to handle business travel with an efficient combination … Read more

Why use a business travel management company?

Why use a business travel management company

How Business Travel Companies can help you save travel spend on Corporate Travels Why use a business travel management company? Business travel can be expensive, but there are ways to save money and ensure the trip is successful. From leveraging the expertise of business travel companies to taking advantage of discounts and rewards programs. There … Read more

Change is the only Constant in travel


Change is the only Constant in travel As the above saying goes, Change is the only Constant in travel. Nowhere is this more applicable than the Travel Industry which has undergone tremendous changes. It saw various stress points during the 1st wave of Covid, and then changes again, as rules changed every alternate day. As … Read more

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